Most successful freelancers lead independent lives and travel the world. So being a successful freelancer is not an easy task. But if you have read my articles and followed the content, I hope you will be a successful freelancer.

Who is a freelancer?

Freelancer is a person who provides his services. You pay for knowledge and skills. In general, a freelancer works independently, with an owner playing an important role, not expecting a long-term relationship with a single employer.

Do you want to become a freelancer?

This can be a good move for those who are looking for some special trips or tips or how to keep your spending in the long run to earn and save extra money. You can do your regular work and become a freelancer at the same time. But to make yourself a successful freelancer, you should pay full attention to the next paragraph.

What do I need to do to be a successful freelancer?

Basically, you should have some capabilities that you can present to customers or customers. Must have a particular skill, talent, a certain field or good experience. A portfolio of your work can come in handy to prove your work skills, but you need to create something that paves the way for your customers to connect.

What do freelancers have to do?

  1. Organize your time and make a schedule:

Do not fall into the trap of overwork. Only then can you do it if you can do the tasks properly and meet the expectations. Make sure you can organize the time. Create a special calendar and content for freelancing work.

  1. Keep in mind that work does not always happen:

Reality is available at certain times of the year. However, some times of the year are just the opposite. That is why it is not right to be discouraged. It is natural that this can happen in every profession, whether it is a home-based, office-based, small business or a large corporation job.

  1. English fluency:

You do not need to be an English language professor, but at least have the ability to understand employers’ agreements, are able to communicate by email and Skype chat.

  1. Computer skills:

You have to know the functions of Microsoft Office as a basic software example, although this is a very common task. There are many types of programs you need to know and a lot of skills for that important and specific job.

  1. In the initial stages, there is a willingness / mindset to work for little money:

You can start at $ 1 per hour but you can earn more if you can earn a reputation through work.

  1. Adhyabasayah

If you do not get work even within 6 months, do not give up. Do not rush and do not spend all the connections on the first day, but you must carefully choose the activities that will be logged. Then you will see that everything has become easier.

  1. hard work

You must work hard to get the work done within a certain time and have the desire or mindset to work day and night. Customers should show respect and work within the time allowed because it is up to you. If you are not ready for this kind of work, then you cannot be a successful freelancer.

  1. Pay attention to job description

Tell the employer that you have read the job description and you fully understand what your employer is looking for and you know how to do it. If the job has a specific requirement, you can send the employer some samples of that job, or send a sample of the job that has been completed in the past, or send it according to the requirements of the job.

Define your options and time sparingly. Do not set unnecessary deadlines that you cannot meet.

  1. Always ask a question:

Ask the employer about the work. This will get you closer to getting the job assigned to you by the employer.

  1. Create a good profile:

Make sure your profile is transparent. There should be spelling and grammatical errors. Be honest and fair. Just exclude your references and deeds and almost foolishness. If you lie, the results can be far-reaching.

  1. Your bid is your presentation

Try as you. It plays a really important role in setting your goals and improving it. Not too cheap or too expensive, must be in the middle position or add value to your capacity.

  1. Try and be patient everywhere

Explore and see that everything has a purpose, try to fulfill it. When you do this, do not lose sight or give up. You may not even get 1 of the top 5 jobs you applied for. Maybe 3 or even 5. However, when you finally get the job, it will seem very easy for you.

  1. Fame is everything:

There is absolutely nothing that can do a good review of your business and they can spoil something, if it is realistic.


__ Take the work that you really understand and you can do.

__ The work needs to be done on time and properly.

__ should always be the most honest even if no one else is honest.

  1. Explore and use advanced options:

If the potential cost of providing the service is safe, use it.

  1. Hourly cost:

Consider your purpose. Start at $ 5 to $ 5 per hour for low-paying jobs and $ 5 to $ 20 for good. Developers and designers have $ 5 to $ 5 virtual assistants for real pictures and other low-paying $ 8 to $ 12. I think 5% to 5% of the time has to be filled.

  1. Ask people to recommend you:

Once you have done a task well, ask the customer to write a review. In addition, you can thank customers on many web sites for this and evaluate good employers. Do not use cheap words.

  1. Create a portfolio website:

Create your own website or an online portfolio. Join social media platforms for both advertisements and get more customers. Also, it will make you more descriptive

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