In a word, there is nothing in the North that cannot be done independently. You will be freelancing on anything in which you have a desire or interest. Never be completely dependent on anyone in the path of education or success and once I am talking above!

Who is the trainer or organization that would make brother A2Z a hero zero?
The simple Bangla thing is that there is no one or one institution in this world to talk about Bangladesh. Nobody will make you zero to a hero. Everyone will teach you how to walk, and how you walk will depend on you.

Brother cannot speak English. Is it possible to do freelancing without English? What else can I do for free / learn English?
If you want to know English, you need to know a little about communicative English. In freelancing, the client will not pay for your presence or a lottery in English, especially for your ability or ability in any area. The profession of freelancing is so global that there is a 5% chance that you will find such customers in freelancing who do not know yes / no / very good in English language. Is it Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, or is it possible that you or I can learn all these languages ​​now? Of course it is not that the English language is not a barrier to freelancing. Suppose a customer gives you a picture, where one part has a background in the picture and then another picture where each has a background and he uses gestures or dots in the picture to show you that The background has been removed. To give background or background to those who are not. Do you have to write Ramayana in English, brother? And for the price talks -> you said 50-piece = 50 $, they said there is no 40 $. You said okay to end the story. A client has to look at your profile and look at your bio and, in particular, your skills or abilities or your portfolio before you land a job, and therefore go straight to the point of assignment. The customer is not your friend or he will not talk to you today. But of course, knowing English will give you incredible opportunities in every area of ​​life.
Well this time, let’s see what you can do in English or any foreign language. Is a simple system. When talking to a client, Google will keep Google Translate open. If the client speaks English, you copy and paste it into Google Translate and then see what it is saying. According to what you want to say, Google translates it into Bengali and copies it in English. Reply to the customer. In this way you can continue to communicate in almost all the languages ​​of the world.

Magna’s simple means to teach English is to open a Women’s Face ID on Facebook and then join various English ad moms or English-speaking groups. Your Maya ID will jump to your ID like Dika Desi or a foreign Romeo bee, because you don’t know anyone or don’t speak directly, you won’t be ashamed to teach English to people in just 2/3 months.

Brother wants but brother cannot learn only due to lack of money.
It is your fault that your brother will resolve this dispute as soon as possible. You have a financial problem which is one of the things that should be disclosed publicly and one of the few things that should ever be reported to a third party.
This 20/1/3-thousand brother is not enough to learn or do freelancing. Now there is a problem for those who have a solution for this amount. You can increase this amount in any way and work for it. Probably difficult but not impossible.
In my previous post, I have talked to one of my Sahab -> who used to travel from Gbatli to Nilkesh to save bus fare and save money. He worked at the computer shop during the day and woke up at night to learn freelancing. And now his position is that he hopes to go into his own business in a private car.

Nothing can be achieved in the world without restless words, brother, almost everything can be achieved by hard work. And there are only two things in the demanding world: 1) Salah and 2) Go-Maa.

The essence of my own life is -> The end means justified <- Bengali means to lead the way with purpose. I believe in this policy, brother. Whatever I am targeting once, I have to achieve it, whatever it is. What’s the matter if I have a financial problem, I am brother Kamala Dimu, I will not bow my head in front of anyone, and I will give up small interests for big interest. I used to open Facebook Face ID myself every day on Facebook and sell each ID on a US news channel for 5-rupees, called a verified page.

Brother, you yourself talk of a foreign trainer, but why not give us their name or source?
If you are Bangladeshi, your language or strong point is Bengali. So first you have to learn the skills and experience of working in your language and then you will not want to know yourself from me.

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