People who are divisive or expressive, it is their livelihood. Freelancing cannot be defined simply by the term freelance.

Originally freelancing is a long-term obligation or commitment of a particular individual or organization to an individual or a group (if an individual) or collective (if a group / organization) using one or more functions in their own business . If any or any kind of work (adhering to economic norms) is not eligible or eligible) free to measure or do the size of muktapesa.

Example: Suppose I have a very good DSLR camera and I am very skilled in taking pictures or videos. I no longer do photography for specific people or organizations and any newspaper, magazine, TV-media, product / model. I do not need to come to the office to take care of my time or hold anyone accountable. I roam in the forest and in the forest all day long. To do this well, I sometimes take pictures of forest flowers, leaves, leaves or cows and goats at different times in society. Occasionally, I would photograph a completely unfamiliar or known Brother Brother modeling style. I also take pictures of thousands of pictures that have 2/5-market value.

Take a picture of walking around the Sundarbans where it can be seen that -> smugglers are cutting down beautiful trees, or walking on the street to see if anyone is disturbing the child or some kind of daily A furore like Eve-teasing, bribing someone (someone) a fool) or throwing handcuffs while eating chicken while dining in a hotel and since I have a camera in my hand Miu Tu Khich Photo Auction 2/3-Khan Photo Auction or Eedio.

However, some of these demanding pictures are purchased by an individual or an organization, magazine, magazine, TV-media, or I supply them or I can say that I sell them. in this matter
[My specific category is photography. Just, there is no such restriction rule, like – someone or they have to sell or I have to buy or buy. Not only do I have freelancing in real life, but I can also open a website with my prices. Visitors come to the website. If visitors come to the website, if they like a picture, they can buy that specific photo for their specific needs with their own money.

In this case, if I work in all classes of photography (Products / Models / Nature / Historic Places / Wildlife) my identity may be Amateur Freelancer. If I only work on a specific subject like photographing forest flowers, bushes or cows, then I will be an amateur wildlife freelance photo journalist / photographer.

And if I do the above work according to a specific rule (defined above) and then I will introduce myself. If I work with all classes then I am a professional freelance photo-journalist / photographer and if I work in a particular section of photography I work in this category like product photography. Accordingly, my identity would be a professional freelance product-photographer.
Freelancing for whom?

Where is the bungalow for everyone who has a minimum SSC or equivalent certificate, but I think it is good to start freelancing after HSC.
Reason: When you are under 5 years old, sometimes there is a problem in withdrawing various types of debit / credit cards and many other benefits.
I have seen many foolish but impossible driver-crafty people in my life, be it justice or wrong or good or bad, but never in life did a foolish man succeed in the history of the world.
Minimum eligibility for freelancing or whatever is initially required:
4) To get clear idea about freelancing (read definition once more), consult experts in this regard and attend free seminars of many trainers and training institutes.
2) Minimum HSC passing is good (SSC still is).

3) Internet line minimum 5-Mbps.

Need for success.
4) First and foremost is mind set. You will be independent and a strong person.
2) Subject Selection. Know what is possible with you or what you are interested in. If you dance to other words or become more reliant on unique, someone will put bamboo on your back to mark your faith and simplicity.
3) Setting goals and objectives. Freelancing is not a funky job. In that month, 9/25-thousand make a living by eating lentils with the family, then the brothers do something other than freelancing.
If you want to do freelancing and don’t dream in the normal way. I dream of freelancing, I will take a world tour, car from house to house, you have to come up with a big dream, purpose or goal of a big business owner type.
3) Hard work is the beginning of good luck – I too am a hardworking believer to work independently, working like a day-orange from 6 months to 6 years. If you do not feel like doing a clerical job with a bribe of 1 lakh rupees or cleaning a toilet after spending a hundred rupees, then after studying for a hundred to six years, you are going to clean a toilet abroad Can not afford to take risks. Where are you bound to become freelancing or freelancer?
3) Proficiency in English – is a prevalent belief in Europe-America and a typical person must have 3 qualities -> Education – Driving and swimming and 1) English speaking ability.
3) Never give up.

The reason responsible for the failure

  1. no patience
    2) You have 120 mood and patience.
    3) You do not want to work hard. You feel that money can be caught by flying in the air and with the help of some kind of skill or ability.
    5) Seeing an inexpensive CD available in the market, you will become a world class expert. Brother, remember that if you buy cheaper, you don’t have to eat pesto anymore.

3) Difficulty in education and necessary materials. Some things are never demanded, so in these cases it is better to go for a premium that they do not sit for the demand.
3) Lack of mindset and curiosity in your own abilities and interests, to stay ahead or to move forward.
3) Dependency on the whole or another level.

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