AdSense is considered as one of the top ad networks in the world but it is very difficult to approve AdSense account in India if you are a new blogger then read this post at last. In it, I’ll tell you a few simple tips, so you can approve AdSense for your blog.

Advertising is the best way for new bloggers to earn money. Because they do not have traffic at that time, which is why they are not able to make any other money like affiliate marketing. In advertising, we do not get paid according to the sales, so new bloggers also earn from it.

AdSense is considered as one of the best ad networks in the world today. Many big bloggers just use AdSense on their blogs and make millions from it. It gives its users more money than other ad networks. That’s why people like it so much.

AdSense is the dream of every new blogger, but very few people make this dream come true. Because AdSense privacy and policies are very strict, very few people get AdSense approval. If you violate their rules, your account may be disabled at any time.

If you are also a new blogger and would like to approve an AdSense account for your blog, I am going to give you some simple tips below. These tips are very common but if you follow them, your account may be 100% approved. Let’s wait and learn about this.

5 Tips for Approving an AdSense Account

1: Use the domain
Those whose blogs are on the free platform can be easily identified because of their domain extension. For example, if you created a blog on Blogger, there would be a domain with the extension AdSense does not like most free platform blogs. So if you need to quickly approve AdSense, buy your custom domain.

2: Clean design:

Try to clear the design of your blog now. For this, you can use a good theme. In addition to this, improve your blog loading speed. It’s better to load your blog faster.

3: Create some important pages:

Before applying for AdSense, it’s important to create some pages on your blog. Many accounts are rejected for the same reason that we have nothing to say about the privacy and policy pages of our blog. So first you create these pages and then apply them.

4: Minimum traffic
Your blog must have at least 500 daily visitors for the AdSense account. If your blog does not have any traffic, the AdSense team will reject your application. However, even with your AdSense approval, you will not be able to earn revenue without traffic. So increase your blog’s traffic first.

5: Minimum post

If you have created a new blog, you must first write at least 10 quality posts. In addition to these, keep in mind that each post should contain at least 1000 words. AdSense gives more importance to quantity than quality.

So, if you are going to apply for AdSense, all these tips can be of great use to you. If you follow these tips, I’m sure your account will be approved. Another good news is that AdSense still allows most accounts.

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