Naming websites is an important process. In technical terms, it can also be called a domain name. For this choice, we should take care of some important things.

After selecting the platform, domain name selection and registration are equally important as it will determine the direction and status of your blog. Vez let us know which things to take care of before registering.

How to choose a domain name?

Remember these five things for domain names

Suppose you’ve written a book, the stories you put into it are as important as its nomenclature. The same goes for your blog, so you have more to take care of. This is:

  1. Website Related Names

If you choose the same name that reflects the content of your website, you will get its SEO benefits. If the keywords used in Google search match your domain name, this is good for you. For example, if you want to start an online unit related to Ayurveda, you will benefit if you find the word ‘Ayurveda’ in the domain name. However, if you already have a popular brand whose information is available online, choose the same name (as ‘Dabur’ Ayurveda does not need to be typed because Google Search already sees it as an Ayurvedic company and is an established brand.).

Put the name people usually guess after listening to the website. Such as Gmail, Naukri, Cleartrip, PayPal etc. P as well as branding and promotion of Amazon, Twitter, Alibaba, Myantra, Jang etc.

  1. Name length

Don’t forget that readers don’t remember it. And it’s also not complicated that people make the mistake of typing frequently so that the website doesn’t open itself or go to another site.

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  1. Don’t name any matches

Try making your domain name very unique. Because of the similar name, the reader will probably be able to enter the name of another website where you do not want it at all. One of my clients chose their domain name which is always confusing their visitors with Transecshpeditekcom which is another company (they don’t get a lot of benefits from their website unless they create one more unit) – it’s a completely different name. With).

It should also be avoided by distorting an established brand or by changing one or two colors. It can also create more legal barriers for you. Instead of Flipkart or Flipkart, you are not being given much benefit. On the contrary, it will only become obstacles in the future.

  1. .in or .com?

If your readers are related to a region, you can take advantage of local search. Suppose you are an American businessman who wants to restrict its distribution to India only, then in আপনি you can indicate to Google that if you are a web site user who wants to buy mango online in Delhi, then Google would love to show you more as a Canadian merchant. More suitable for the user. Overall, it can be said that if your business or article is limited to a specific plot, it is best to call the site local. It is not .com (TLD, also known as ‘top-level domain’), but it is not useful in special situations. If you already have a .com domain name, you can declare your website local with the help of geotagging.
Yes, if your business is large, you can take both domains. Maybe someone else can copy you later and reduce the value of your brand. For example, if you enter something like,,,, etc. will open in all situations.

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  1. Avoid hyphens and numbers as much as possible

By replacing hyphens, you can take multiple domain names from the same word that can confuse readers or users. It becomes complicated if you tell the name of your website by phone or verbally to someone. In the future, domain names can prove to be a brand for you, so it’s not advisable to coordinate numbers. Second, even if you refer to someone as a domain name, in most cases people are not able to know whether it is in the form of a number or as a word. Like Hindi 5 or India – both will be read or spoken in the same way.

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