It is very important for us to use the image in the blog post. If we do not use the image in the post, then the post seems lifeless. Because the design of our post is different from the picture. I’ll tell you what to download in the blog post on Li’s photo.

If you have seen many successful bloggers, then of course almost every successful blogger post has seen the picture. This image is good not only for blog design, but also for SEO.

Why should we use photos in our post.
This is why many new bloggers remember why we should use the photo in the post so I also mentioned above that first it makes the post’s design great, and secondly if you want to use the description in the image, this is great for SEO.

Create a photo for the post or download from anywhere.
Guys, if you have a laptop, you can make a picture yourself.
For this you should have basic knowledge of Photo Shop. If you make a picture of yourself, there are many benefits to it. For this I will write a separate post, in short I will tell you if you take the picture from the given sites, but if you download and edit it, it will be ok otherwise it will go like this. Could

Download the Post Lie Picks Kiss site.

  1. Pixabay
    It is a very good site for photo downloads. In it you will find the stock image from Bahut and an image of good quality can be found here.
  2. Pixel
    It is also very good for high quality pictures. About 1500 HQ images are uploaded to it every month.
  3. Gratigraphy
    This is my favorite site to download pictures all I liked it from all the image downloader sites, in which you will get full quality pictures.
  4. Flickr
    You must have heard the name of it, you can get all the quality pictures in it e eighty you can download the image of any section.

This is a very good site, so you can download a great background of the image and you can use PowerPoint, sound, educational
You can download photos of projects, photoshop project sections.

You can download better images for your blog.

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