Hello Blogger! Today, we will learn how to submit blog URLs to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. If you haven’t submitted your blog to search blogs yet, this post might be helpful to you. Read it carefully until the end and get your blog indexed in search engine.

If you are a new blogger, you may have some issues right now. Gradually, you too can learn about them very well. Now that you’ve created a blog, I’m aware that you may not even know what to do.

In my case, I still remember that I was introduced to the Internet a few years ago, but I am working on the Internet today. When I created my first blog, it wasn’t until about 5-6 months that I knew I had to submit a URL to get my blog into search engine. When I found out about it, after a lot of trouble, I somehow managed to index my site in the search engine.

Information about something is not wrong, information is misused. So keep thinking of learning and doing something new all the time. I know you will be very vulnerable to blogging at the moment but if you continue to blog this way, I promise you that one day you will learn a lot about the internet and blogging. I realize that there can be no better way to learn from the internet. At this point you can do a lot of work through the internet.

Well, here we were talking about submitting blog URLs to popular search engines. Let me tell you that there are thousands of search engines available at the moment, but some of them are popular search engines and can help you get the most traffic to your blog.

You must have seen plenty of great blogs on the internet, which attract thousands of traffic every day. Most of the traffic on his blog comes from “search engine”. It’s a way for you to get unlimited traffic with no investment.

The three most popular search engines you’ll know about Google, Bing and Yahoo. Millions of people search for it every day. In that case, you can also index your blog on all these search engines and you can generate thousands of traffic to your blog. Now chill we’re going to say it below.

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How do I check if my site is indexed in “Google”?

This check is very simple, all you have to do is visit Google and enter your site’s URL address in the search box. If you do not see any results, it means that your site has not yet been submitted to Google. You must submit your blog.

Another way you can do this is by searching “Site: www.yoursite.com” (enter your domain with “www.yoursite.com”) in the Google search box. If your blog is already indexed in Google search engine, the results will be shown. Will start

Let us know if you want to know if your blog is indexed by Bing or not, then you should simply search for “Information: www.yourdomain.com” (replace your blog URL with “www.yourdomain.com”) in the Bing search box. Will get You can search by typing.

Need to pay to get better traffic from Google, Bing or Yahoo?

No, you do not need to pay for a good position in the blog’s search engine. All major search engines have their own user comfort. There are many sources of money when users will like them more.

If you want to get more traffic from search engines, then you have to work hard instead of paying. You need to put good quality content on your blog, but only then you will be able to get good traffic from search engine.

For the first time ever, submit your blog to search engine. Then optimize your blog for search engines.

How to submit your site to Google? Add URL to Google

If you want to index your blog on Google, you must first submit the URL of your blog. After the next few hours, your site will be listed on Google. It’s very easy to submit. Let’s find out

First go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url and login to your Google Account.

Add the URL address of your blog.
Verify the Capture. Now click on Submit Request.

Your blog will now be listed on Google within 24 hours. Next, you should next verify your blog on Google Webmaster so that all content on your blog starts to appear in search engine.

How to submit the URL of your blog to Bing?

As you all know about Bing, it’s also a popular search engine like Google. If you submit your blog to it and it starts to index, good traffic to your blog will start to come. So you should know how to submit your own blog.

First of all, visit http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url.

Add the URL of your blog URL Now add the image in the box below to verify the captcha. Now finally, click the submit button.

Now your blog will be indexed in Bing search engine over time. If you want to find out, after a while, check out the Bing search engine and search after adding “URL:” to your blog in the search box.

How to submit the URL of your blog to Yahoo

Let you all know that Bing and Yahoo are the same company. Yahoo joined Bing in the 21st. So if your site starts indexing once with Bing, it will automatically be indexed in Yahoo. Below we are going to tell you how to verify the blog at Yahoo Webmaster. Once you have verified your blog on Yahoo Webmaster, you will not need to verify Bing Webmaster. Because both search engines have the same webmaster.

Step 1: First of all go to http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html and click on “Submit your site for free”.

Step 2: Now click on Login on this page and login and if you do not already have an account then register and login.

Step 3: Now add the URL of your blog’s URL to this page, then enter the Sitemap URL and select “All Day Default” and click the Submit button.

Step 4: There are many methods for verifying blogs on this page now, but we are talking about validation with other methods.

There will be a meta code, copy it and add it under the of your blog. Click Verification Now.

Your blog is now verified at Yahoo Webmaster. Yahoo Yahoo crawler will index your site for a while now. It may take some time for all your posts and pages to be indexed. This will help your site appear on both Bing and Yahoo search engines.

This way you can submit the URL of your blog to Google, Bing and Yahoo. Did you know that this is the most popular search engine right now? And no other search engine is used except in India. Therefore, you do not even need to submit to other search engines.

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