There are a few key things you should take care of when choosing a good and effective websitespace or web hosting service. Their knowledge and understanding is not complicated at all!

If you have chosen a self-hosted blog, web hosting, besides the domain name, will be your primary requirement. When you create a blog on Blogger or WordPress (free service), you place all content (such as pictures, documents, etc.) from your articles on their web server. But on a self-hosted blog, you have to sort it out yourself. This will require a web space where all your files are kept.

It covers the main features of your website

The importance of a good hard disk when picking up a computer is as much as a web hosting service provider and their offer for your website. This is the same service that allows you to reach the content and readers of your website.

Before considering a good and effective website space or web hosting service, consider the following. Their knowledge and understanding is not complicated at all!

  1. WebSpace – What and How Much?

The total webspace is based on your needs. This can be determined by how many files you want to upload or keep on the server. 500MB-1GB is enough for a typical blog. Many hosting service providers also offer you unlimited space options. Be sure to read it before accepting their manual as it is sometimes a marketing stunt or simply to distract customers.

Bonus tips: If you have a lot of options in front of a selected web service provider, you can take the bottom out at the outset and, if needed, you can extend it in the future, which will be economical for you. If you want to get obsessed with their performance, take a short term plan at the beginning and increase or change it if you are satisfied.

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  1. Monthly Bandwidth – Only take the required number of readers

Depending on the total bandwidth requirement, how many people will come to your website and how many content will be downloaded (opening a website simply means readers are downloading data – don’t consider it a separate download).

Many webhosts also provide unlimited bandwidth, but evaluate it according to the points above and check the manual.

  1. Uptime – Important

Uptime is a one-of-a-kind quality and it is also very important for your website. It shows how long (in percent) their server is online or available. Although almost all webhost claims 99.9% or more, you must get feedback from various forums or expert friends. Some of the top names among them are Hostgator (avoid Hostgator India), Bluehost and Dreamhost.

৪. Linux or Windows platform?

Most service providers only provide Linux based servers. If your website is built on net technology, take the Windows platform. Linux is the best or necessary alternative for WordPress and other popular blogging platforms.

Generally, most people prefer a Linux based server because in many cases it is better and better than Windows server. But you should select it when prioritizing your need.

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  1. Multiple Domains – For multiple websites or blogs

This is an alphabetical feature that almost all service providers offer you. They give you web hosting facilities with one or more domain names depending on the amount specified. The advantage of this is that you do not have to take separate hosting space for other or other domains. Yes, you must ensure that it has sufficient webspace and bandwidth.

Bonus tips: Web hosting service providers sometimes offer huge discounts under the coupon code. Before making a full payment, search for the name of the company at a discount coupon.

In addition to these you should also check other benefits such as separate services for WordPress, CDN facilities, email account limits and numbers, total database count, etc. There is no need to indicate whether the service provider should take immediate action or help you with any issues.

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