Hashtags are a technical means to categorize a sentence, subject or message (such as wall posts, tweets, etc.). It is used to integrate social media information with the ‘#’ sign.

The main goal of sharing any content on social media is to reach as many people as possible. But a lot of things, including some technical issues, need to be taken care of. Hashtags are a powerful medium based on this topic, making good use of it any post can do.

Proper use of hashtags on social media makes your message work

What is this hashtag anyway?

You must have seen the ‘#’ sign several times on Twitter from Facebook before a certain word. It works to transform a given word into a link, and the whole game starts right here!

The word hashtag was included in the Oxford dictionary in the # 29 HindiFacts CLICK TO TWEET.

The hashtag was initially used in the IRC, which was later popularized by Twitter. It was then started to be used on Facebook through other social media platforms. For other interesting information regarding it, check out this infographic.

What is the correct way to use hashtags?

Many people are still confused about the hashtag or inadvertently abuse it. Here’s a method to use it properly.

This is again illustrated with various examples.

Good use – those who understand the true concept of hashtags

Correct and easy use of # hashtags

Here you only use hashtags with keywords that are keywords related to that topic and from which you can connect other messages. For example, with the related image on Instagram posted #AncientMonuments, clicking on the hashtag will show all images related to the old monument. Click here for details.

Okejo – this is mainly due to insufficient knowledge

Use inappropriate use of hashtags

This is actually prevalent because many users either do not know the correct method of use or the conversion of word links gives them some kind of relief. Whenever you choose a hashtag, please be sure that someone else has chosen the same word in the same context.

See the following example:

Here we will choose Hinographics for the hashtag because it is the subject and word of it. Wherever the term ‘#HinfoGraphics’ is used, this link will unite them and put them in front of you. However, hashtags made from common words such as ‘V’, ‘to’, ‘to’, ‘to’, ‘medium’ etc. are not used because they are used in almost all sentences. Always choose only the word that is unique to that sentence.

Take another example of another hashtag:

This also happens

Like this

The first one actually has no 4! It is important to note that you can guess the content of the link which will open after clicking on all the words. Now how can the word ‘V’ become a natural link to another sentence?

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The second is technically correct, but it does seem to mix words, which can be hard to read (sometimes the meaning can be lost too!). But it all depends on the character choice. Such as # poetry

The third one addresses the problem mentioned above. However, check which other person is using the word more. You will want to use the same popular hashtag. However, in English this problem is solved by capitalizing the first letter (such as HinfoGraphics). It is important to use only the underscore (_) to separate the words. The hashtag “?” Symbols “and” “%” are not valid and “@” has its own uses.

…… – – – This is done intentionally several times

Incorrect and unethical use of # hashtags that lead to a series of spam

It’s like getting your nose in a totally different discussion. It is used by people, from spammers to marketing the wrong way. Here you find the hashtag for trending topics (the topic most debated or discussed at a particular time) and don’t miss it using your message.

For example, you wrote a poem and shared it with a trending hashtag in Hollywood that has nothing to do with the topic. This will definitely convey your tweet or post to many, but it also damages your image, so no one will want to contact you. Some internet gurus will also advise you, but avoid this so-called ‘technique’ as much as possible.

For your interest in social media, avoid these ‘tricks’.

Other important tips

  1. You can include it in a sentence or put it before and after the end.
  2. The choice of this depends entirely on your sentence or message.

Write ‘#Mahabharata’ or ‘#Mahabharata’? Write ‘# poem’ or ‘# poem’? If you are confused as to which hashtag will be appropriate and which is not, then follow the link displayed to confirm how and how many posts will be published to readers after clicking on a hashtag. Try replacing your word with XYZ.

See what’s happening before 7XYZ with your hashtag

This is a simple test to find which hashtag is more appropriate before your post

  1. Choose your original hashtag and occasionally share it with your articles, tweets, pictures (pay attention to the content!).

This is how branding works. Repeating the hashtag is also good because your previous article will be readily available to friends who have a curiosity to look at similar content. For example, I put a hashtag called ‘# brahmagnan’ in front of one of my satirical articles. It is obsolete on social media anyway, which also benefits me. At the same time, many friends write short stories and use the #laprec tag, which allows many more interesting stories to be read. Many author friends can create a hashtag to promote the name of their book.

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