WordPress and Blogger are the two main choices in the blogging world. Choose the convenience available on both platforms and your needs.

WordPress or Blogger? If you’re about to start your own blog, this selection is no less than a question of its own! Discussions or ambiguities regarding WordPress vs. Blogger continue. Let’s see what’s the difference between the two of you and who’s good for you.

  • WordPress vs. Blogger – How to determine?

Blogger (or blogspot)

As far as I can remember, this is the oldest and most popular platform for blogging. It is still practiced the most today but due to some errors bloggers have gone back to other platforms. If you write amateur and don’t feel like taking it any further, this is an easy option. However, if you want to get to a self-hosted blog later on, there are many technical hurdles. It should also be noted that Blogger gives you the most custom domain advantage. You can’t set your own permalink (an important aspect of SEO associated with the URL) and no other features. Yes, on Bloggers you will definitely find the theme and design you like for your website (so you can handle it yourself).
I would still refuse to do it because no one knows when Google stopped it (if Google doesn’t work to improve itself, as the sources believe). Nor has there been any major technological change over the past several years.


This is a free option that will give you the name of your choice (if available) in the xyz.wordpress.com format. So far its biggest so-called problem is that Google search gives xyz.blogspot.com more value than xyz.wordpress.com (though the problem is not with the custom domain and your content is good, so it doesn’t matter who has it). . But if you want to have your own custom domain name, this is better than the Blogger option with a custom domain. This is because if you move to self-hosted blogs in the future, the task will not look complicated. WordPress also uses the same platform for self-hosted domains that it offers for free services (and also periodically changes and updates). The benefit of this is that when you think of a self-hosted blog, the basic structure of your previous website will not change much, or there will be no need to add additional formatting to your post.
Let me tell you more about the benefits of WordPress than Blogger:

About 20% of the website is on WordPress itself (which is constantly increasing) About 80% of the blogs are constantly updated in WordPress. It does not require much technical knowledge to manage it (even if you have some HTML / PHP / CSS), for the convenience of SEO and Conveniently, its online community is so big that they have it in terms of technical problems Can consult for free (for free) * The number of themes and plugins available for this is unlimited. (Which lets you create your own website design and features) With WordPress you can create your own independent or self-hosted website that is not available on Blogspot.

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  • For the WordPress.com free service and for the WordPress.org self-hosted blog.

If you are a non-serious blogger who only writes occasionally, anyone can choose. But if I want to move to a blog or self-hosted service with a custom domain in the future, I think there is no better alternative than WordPress. Now you can easily determine!

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